DIETENHOFEN, Germany --Soldiers from the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade and cadets from Offizieranwärter-Bataillon 2, Hammelburg, Germany participated in a 20 kilometer solidarity march with reservists from the German Armed Forces (Bundeswher), here, Sept. 18. The march took place to honor active duty service members, their families and those currently deployed.The march led German and American service members from town to town throughout the state of Bavaria. Upon arrival to each town, the Burgermesiter, or town Mayor, greeted the marchers with refreshments and spoke to the group. This was a great opportunity for the Griffins to interact with communities surrounding the Katterbach Army Airfield.The march, which has been conducted for the past six years, continues for eight consecutive days with different routes and distances each day. The symbol for the event is a yellow ribbon with the words translated into English, "Do something for your country." People who wear the yellow ribbon embody the support for the service member and their families, reminding them that they are not forgotten.The Bundeswher has 2,500 deployed Soldiers supporting NATO and United Nation operations spanning from the Balkans, Middle East and Africa.The march also displayed the Bundeswher to areas of Germany that may not otherwise have connections to the military. In July 2011, the German government dissolved the conscription requiring 18-year-old men to serve in the military. This new policy has led to many areas not having ties to the Bundeswher.The 12th CAB's participation in the march showed our pledge to an everlasting alliance with the Bundeswher.12th CAB trains and conducts Aviation Operations across the Range of Military Operation in support of United States Army Europe, European Command, NATO, and in support of CENTCOM and AFRICOM and other contingency locations around the globe.