BAMBERG, Germany - In an effort to keep the U.S. military community here more informed with local stories and events, U.S. Army Garrison Bamberg has developed a Web site for mobile phone users.

Found at, the Web site is the first among military mobile Web sites.

"This is just another information service we are providing to our community," said Lt. Col. Gary Rosenberg, USAG Bamberg commander. "With the advancement of smartphone like the iPhone or Blackberry, offering a mobile Web service seems like a logical next step. We are being proactive in developing this service and see the rest of the military following our example.

"Not every Soldier has daily computer access to download the information we put out to our community," Rosenberg said. "However, Soldiers do have phones they use to access the internet and we believe using these phones to access the internet will become more common."

The site will offer pages for community events, classifieds, service hours, stories and a phone directory.

"We are giving our community members useful and user-friendly information," Rosenberg said. "Our information is at their fingertips at anytime from anywhere."

If someone was in downtown Bamberg and wanted to know what's going on in the community, all they would need to do is go to the community mobile page to see what events are available nearby, Rosenberg said. If a Soldier needs to contact an emergency service, the information is on the mobile phone number page.

To get connected, users will need to load and store the Web site address via a browser on their phone.