"The non-commissioned officers induction ceremony dates back to our early Army," explained Command Sgt. Maj. Elige Campbell Jr., 210th BSB. "It's important for younger Soldiers within our battalion to understand that history… so that we as an Army can continue tradition and build on our non-commissioned officers corps." The traditions of commemorating the passing of Soldier to NCO can be traced to the Army of Fredrick the Great. Before one could be recognized in the full status of an NCO, they were required to stand four watches, one every four days.At the first watch the private Soldiers appeared and claimed a gift of bread and brandy.The company NCOs came to the second watch for beer and tobacco, and the first sergeant reserved his visit for the third watch, where he was presented with a glass of wine and a piece of tobacco on a tin plate.It was during the fourth watch that the NCO figuratively crossed the time honored line and joined the NCO Corps. Campbell reminded the newly appointed NCOs of their commitment to coach, train, and mentor future leaders by administering the non-commission officer's charge, leading the Creed of the Non-Commission Officer, and allowing inductees to pass through the "arch," symbolizing their transition into a leadership role. "It (the ceremony) gives them something they can hold onto," said Campbell. "Coming on the stage, receiving the non-commissioned officers charge, reciting the non-commissioned officers creed, walking through the arch and stating they are relevant and ready to lead gives them a sense of pride that they can lead our Soldiers in today's Army." Sgt. Sean Gilson an all source intelligence analyst assigned to 2nd BCT's Headquarters and Headquarters Company, described the ceremony as a poignant reminder of his leadership responsibilities. "You have to place your Soldiers needs above your own," stated Gilson. "Anything you ask them to do has to be something you're willing to do yourself, you must have their best interest in mind."Those inducted were: Sgt. Sean Gilson and Sgt. Rusty Starkweather, of HHC 2nd BCT, Sgt. Jeffery Henry, Sgt. Harry Palomino, Sgt. Antonio Koehler, Sgt. Dominique Welch, of HHC 210th BSB, Sgt. Enrique Goodridge, Sgt. Raul Nava, Sgt. Eric Lucas, Sgt. Brian Menard, of A Company, SSG Teresa Bocanergra, SSG Matthias Fleming SSG Uris Burnett, Sgt. Sara Morris, SSG Lucas Wig, Sgt. Andrew Coglio, Sgt. Dallen Christensen, Sgt. Tara Bowen, of C Company, Sgt. Joseph Robles, Sgt. Melissa Williams, of E Company.