"The reason we held this event the day before school started was to give our kids a jump start into the school year," explained 1st Lt. Ira Benoit, event coordinator, B Company. "I think that by bringing our kids in we are showing them that they're apart of the 'Provider' family." The event provided an opportunity for little "loggies" to walk a mile in their parent's shoes by participating in kid friendly events designed after their parent's daily duties. "I am pretty excited," exclaimed Lt. Col. Jason Affolder, commander, 210th BSB. "Do you know why I'm pretty excited? Because the best part of being in the Army is gym class every morning!" The event began in true military fashion with attendees attempting to master the complex movements of the Mountain Athlete Warrior (MAW) warm-up drills, followed by an age appropriate parent/child physical training session. "My favorite event was the P.T. session this morning," chuckled Cpl. Octavius Brown, chemical equipment repairer, B Co. "I got to see all the families do the MAW, it's the funniest thing ever." Next up was in-processing at the battalion motor pool. Each child went through a modified "Soldiers Readiness Check" where they register with the battalion's personnel section and issued novelty identification tags. Once inside they perused or participated in a myriad of events that included: a five station obstacle course, camouflage face painting, bouncy house, egg balance shuttle run, vehicle static displays, welding demonstration, bean bag toss, water distribution site, and multiple vehicle maintenance stations. "The families seem to be having a pretty good time," stated Brown. "They are enjoying most of the stuff around here, my kids are running around and of course I'm having a good time." Spc. Jackie Pfeiffer an event station operator assigned to B Co., described the event as a feel good occasion that united family members from across the battalion. "I'm excited, it's something different," said Pfeiffer. "It's bringing the families and our battalion together and showing the families that when we work late we are accomplishing a lot." Gradually the event transitioned to the "Commando Café," where Families enjoyed a "Provider" Luncheon and concluded when the little loggies were recognized with certificates of participation during an awards ceremony. "Our goal was not to teach them exactly what we do," explained Benoit. "We wanted them to have fun and increase their confidence for the school year."