REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - Nothing flies in Army aviation without the team in the Aviation Systems Project Office.Often referred to as the "basket PM", the Aviation Systems project office that manages more than 50 aviation programs saw a change in leadership when Col. Gerald Davis, Jr. relinquished responsibility as the PM to Col. Mathew Hannah during a change of charter ceremony Aug. 20 at the Bob Jones Auditorium. A retirement ceremony for Davis followed immediately after.Brig. Gen. Bob Marion, program executive officer for aviation, called the Aviation Systems project office a "unique" PM. "All of those programs are across the spectrum when it comes to technical complexity, customers, stakeholders, and how you achieve success in each one of those programs," he said.Because PM AS manages everything from communications, navigation, air traffic control to all types of aviation ground support equipment and degraded visual environment, "the broad number of programs that he manages are even more complex given the types of programs that he can be dealing with from one minute to the next as the PM," said Marion. "Adding to that is all those programs are in varying stages of the acquisition cycle."Marion lauded Davis for an "amazing career" spanning 27 years of service. He especially noted Davis' leadership in mentoring other young officers. "Those that have had the opportunity to know Jerry and learn from him have said how he talked to them about things that are important. They said, 'he made me become a better person and a better officer.'"Davis began his military career as a tank platoon leader and transitioned to Army aviation flying Black Hawks. He served as a ground scout platoon leader and operations officer, trained with industry, and after earning his Master's Degree in Business Administration, began his acquisition career in various leadership positions. He has been an alumni in PEO Aviation having served as the assistant project manager for Joint Tactical Radio System and as product manager for the UH-60 modernization program."I'm still having fun," Davis said.He detailed some of the highlights of his extensive career and was filled with emotion when he talked about his family."Although I've had a tremendous time, it hasn't always been easy," said Davis. "Whether in easy times or difficult times, my success has not been my own but is attributable to so many people that I've had.""It is great people like my mom and dad who have provided me the solid foundation and many years of strong support. It is people like my beautiful Texas bride who stole my heart some 24 years ago. Thank you for being so strong and always loving and supporting. No matter where we went, she has always made it our home. It is because of her love, dedication and caring nature that we have three wonderful kids."Davis became the PM for Aviation Systems in 2012 and remarked about the "talent and selflessness" of the Aviation Systems family. "I knew it was a special place to work. They are a very dedicated group of people who take their mission seriously. Although it is a diverse organization with four unique and distinct product offices, they are a united team.""Although they do not work in a project office that manages one of those sexy platforms, they take pride in the capabilities that they develop, test, field, modernize and sustain. Though they do not manage a flying platform, they do manage the capabilities that allow Army aviation to move, shoot and communicate."Hannah, also a PEO Aviation alumni having served previously as the Apache Block III and Aviation Ground Support Equipment assistant product manager as well as the Kiowa Warrior product manager, thanked the aviation leadership for the opportunity to serve and to "return to the PEO Aviation family.""I have big shoes to fill and I will do my best," said Hannah.The Davis family plan to remain in the local area. In addition to the OSM-Silver award from AAAA, Davis received the Legion of Merit and Certificate of Appreciation from the Commander in Chief. His wife Kimberly was also recognized for her efforts and support of Army aviation with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Honorable Order of Our Lady of Loretto from AAAA.