"What you're seeing here at range 44 is the first (of three) modular training (events) where platoons conduct live fires over a six day period," explained Lt. Col. Jonathan Chung, commander, 2-87th, Inf. Reg.In all nine rifle platoons will execute day and night village raids clearing enemy strong holds (modular one), a force on force scenario testing a platoons adaptability when reacting to notional enemies (modular two), and a final company combined air assault mission testing decisive planing skills (modular three) over a 17 day training cycle.Chung further described the exercise as a lesson in lethality."What we have here is the opportunity to increase and build lethal platoons," stated Chung. "That can be defined as our ability to kill the enemy with direct and indirect fires, mark and bypass obstacles, integrate enablers, and communicate effectively."Take a look at the album below to view photographs of B Company, conducting modular one training.