FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas (Aug. 13, 2015) -- In our Army Medical Homes, or AMH, the medical readiness of our Soldiers and their Families is vital to support the Army's over all mission. The readiness of our force is impacted by their immunization status. With recent news coverage on outbreaks like measles, it is vital that the AMH community embrace the excellent resources provided by the Defense Health Agency, or DHA, and The Immunization Healthcare Branch, or IHB, formally known as MILVAX. The dissemination of knowledge promotes safe and competent delivery of immunizations along the continuum of care to all our beneficiaries. Standardized immunization training for medical staff is the foundation required for The Surgeon General's, or TSG, vision in support of a System for Health aligned with a High Reliability Organization, or HRO, focus on patient safety.

DHA has established on-line resources that support evidence-based practice and promote the highest level of competency in the delivery of quality immunization care. The mission of DHA-IHB is to "enhance the Military Health System focus on health and healing by supporting immunization program efficacy, safety and acceptability and enabling solutions that address personalized medicine and improved evidence based practices." Their web site provides professional resources to build on the AMH's immunization programs. They have also collaborated with Immune Readiness targeting healthcare workers that are involved in immunization delivery. This encompasses not only the military personnel but embraces our federal government employees and extends to contract workers that support our mission.

The AMH community has the opportunity to embrace a powerful resource and develop an improved immunization program that ensures our Soldiers and their Families are receiving the competent, high quality and safe medical care they expect from our healthcare delivery system. Empower yourselves and your staff to achieving an HRO drive. You as leaders can make a difference.