FORT HOOD, Texas -- The Soldier's face was lit by the soft glow from the three flat screen computer monitors lined up in front of him. His eyes flew over a rotating virtual battlefield. He could see where every friendly vehicle and unit was and instantly communicate with them.

This was not a vision of the future. This is now.

15th Sustainment Brigade Soldiers trained on the high-tech computer-based Command Post of the Future at the brigade's headquarters building here, Dec. 10.

The CPOF is the next generation of battle tracking and communications equipment currently in use as the primary command and control system in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The CPOF is designed to give tactical operation centers "blue," or friendly, situational awareness, according to Gill Quintero, a Fort Hood Battle Command Training Center computer based trainer.

The system can track significant events in the area, help analyze intelligence, and share information with other systems like the Maneuver Control System, the Battle Command Sustainment Support System and the Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade-and-Below system also known as the Blue Force Tracker.

Quintero explained that the system supports commander's decision making by keeping them better informed.

Although the system has been in use since Operation Iraqi Freedom Two, it was not officially adopted until 2006, Quintero said.

Quintero and other instructors teach weekly classes to units on the CPOF at the Battle Command Training Center here, but will go to a unit to teach if they have the proper equipment in place, as in the case of 15th Sustainment Brigade.

"It's pretty high speed," said Sgt. 1st Class Henry Walker, training noncommissioned officer for the brigade.

"It's better than what we used to use - plywood and laminated maps."

To schedule CPOF training, contact Fort Hood's Battle Command Training Center.