DALLAS - With more than 1,500 direct restaurants and 645 Express retail convenience stores worldwide, the Army & Air Force Exchange service is responsible for oversight of food safety at Army and Air Force installations from Kentucky to Kaiserslautern.In Europe and the Pacific, the task goes beyond drive-thrus and roller grills as seven Exchange-operated bakeries and water plants in Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea support service members and their families. Like restaurants and convenience stores, these facilities are routinely inspected by regulatory personnel. Health, sanitation and safety inspections are also conducted in compliance with Department of Defense (DoD), government and industry practices.In coordination with the U.S. Army Veterinary Service, U.S. Army Preventive Medicine and U.S. Air Force Public Health personnel, the Exchange ensures regulatory food safety and sanitation compliance at 2,100- plus retail food operations."Even as the Exchange introduces new brands and services, food safety remains the top priority and a team effort," said Army Col. Erik Torring, Exchange veterinarian. "From the Exchange food court or Express store associate to the installation and Exchange headquarters public health officials, we all work as one to ensure Exchange food service and retail facilities meet or exceed DoD health and sanitation requirements."