Over 50 Commandos' Artillery Soldiers carried a minimum of 23 pounds and a weapon during the Danish Contingency (DANCON) March at the New Kabul Compound (NKC), July 23.Our Alpha Battery, 2nd Battalion,15th Field Artillery joined our Danish, British, Mongolian and German allies for the 25km or 15.5mi foot march, that has been a tradition with the Danish Defense Force beginning in 1972.The majority of the march was conducted after the sun set, lit by the intermittent flickering of lights along the perimeter of the base.Although the participants had 5 hours to complete the required distance, our 3rd platoon medic, Spc. Andrew Swindasz, was the first U.S. Soldier to finish the march in 3 hours and 13 minutes.It was a tough event but the camaraderie between the Artillerymen motivated everyone to finish the march with high spirits.Members of the Battery who did not participate lined the course at various times and places to cheer and encourage those to keep moving. The Soldiers who finished will receive a Danish medal and certificate to mark their participant in this unique team building event.