HHC, 311th Signal Command Organizational Week 2015

By Tyler OgoshiJuly 31, 2015

Commander's Cup
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Ultimate Frisbee
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9mm Range
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Org Day
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FT SHAFTER, HI --- Waking up before sunrise is second nature for Soldiers in the Army; it is nothing new. Yet each morning in the third week of July brought something unexpected.

Soldiers from the 311th Signal Command and Headquarters, Headquarters Company held there annual 'Organizational Week' on Oahu, 13-17 July. Soldiers participated in a wide range of early morning exercises, with each one focused on teamwork and fun.

"The intent for organizational week was to focus on events that would bring the unit together through competition and fun while still executing our day to day mission," said Capt. Mark Bonaudi, Commander, HHC 311th Signal Command (Theater). "The first three mornings' Physical Readiness Training sessions fostered competition, imagination, teamwork, physical fitness, and fun."

Organizational Week kicked off on Monday with Soldiers participating in a scavenger hunt around Fort Shafter. Soldiers were divided into teams with their main objective being to find and take pictures of certain objects or areas around the base.

On Tuesday, the 'Commander's Cup' relay race was held at Hickam Beach. Soldiers were split into teams of six, in which they were partnered together. During the relay, one person would do the exercise while the other would hold a heavy bucket of water and attempt to not spill anything.

The team who had the most amount of water in the bucket in the quickest amount of time, would have the highest score. Additionally, each team had selected a kettle ball at the beginning of the match, so the weight of the kettle ball would be seconds taken away from their relay time.

Soldiers played Ultimate Frisbee on Wednesday at the Alimanu Military Reservation field in Red Hill. Four teams were made, with one team competing against the other on two different fields. The winner of each match would face off for the finals, while the two others competed for third place.

On Thursday, Soldiers arrived at the Schofield Barracks shooting range for practice. Some were there for their annual recertification for M9's and M16's. On the range, safety is always the number one rule when shooting, but the second is to have fun. Regardless of the qualification testing, everyone on the range was encouraged to have fun and enjoy the practice.

"The range was a planned and inevitable event that brought all of the military together outside of the office while we fulfilled a semi-annual training requirement. The excitement of training with live ammunition, especially for a strategic signal organization is always a positive event," said Bonaudi. "The amount of planning and teamwork that went into this range was a monumental event in and of itself, which forced Soldiers from across the organization to work together to accomplish a common goal."

Friday marked the end of Organization Week, and Soldiers and Civilians of the 311th and HHC ventured out to Foster's Point, Hickam Beach for a day of fun in the sun. In spite of a brief torrential downpour, the group was all smiles and laughs as the weather cleared and the blue skies appeared.

"The week culminated with organizational day filled with food and fun at the beach where Soldiers, Civilians, Families and friends could gather and decompress," Bonaudi said.