FORT CAMPBELL, KY -- Fort Campbell Family Housing announced the official launch of their new Web site Dec. 8. The improved Web site took about one year to design.

"This is something that Actus Lend Lease, who has the partnership at Fort Campbell for the housing, decided to do," said David Brockman, Fort Campbell Family Housing communication coordinator.

According to Brockman the new Web site is more user-friendly. Once you arrive at, you are able to choose from various tabs including Arriving Residents, Departing Residents, Current Residents, Our Communities, About Us and more. Visitors to the site can find answers to frequently asked questions, event information, staff directory and more.

"They can get right to the information they want to," Brockman said. "They don't have to search around. With our old Web site, things were kind of put in places where there was room and now it is streamlined and a lot easier to use."

Jamie Johnson, Fort Campbell Family Housing Staff accountant and Summers Park resident, finds the new Web site much easier to use. She has lived on base two years with her husband, Staff Sgt. James Johnson, 5th Special Forces Group, and has used both Web sites.

"I thought there was a lot going on with the old Web site," Johnson said. "If you wanted something specific, you had to click on several different pages to get to what you wanted. There wasn't a lot offered on the home page. It was difficult to navigate through."

With the old site, residents often had difficulty finding the forms they would need to file a maintenance request.

Instead of searching through numerous pages for the forms they need, a link on the left side of the current resident's page takes visitors to all the forms and downloads in one place.
"With the old site, it was kind of difficult to find things if you had never been on the Web site before," Brockman said. "We took that and a lot of comments into consideration."

The housing office was not able to track visits to the old Web site. Now they are able to track visits, see where pages are being visited most often and see if that means there is a need to be further addressed.

"We can try to focus on why the residents feel something is important," Brockman said. "For example, utility billing is new. We have a page dedicated to utility billing with all the information in one place and with the old Web site it was on several pages and had outdated information."

Another addition to the Web site is photos and floor plans. Before the new site went live on Nov. 12, visitors were not able to see what the housing areas on Fort Campbell looked like. The site now more closely resembles one you might find for an apartment complex off-post.

"If you go to an apartment complex Web site, it's going to have what a two-bedroom looks like, what a three-bedroom looks like, what the community club house looks like," Brockman said. "We have all that as well."

As a military spouse, Johnson appreciates the changes to the site.

"The first thing I do when my husband gets orders is I go to the Web site to find out about the child care and the housing," Johnson said. "I hate to click on a Web site and not really see where you will be living. The site has pictures and different things you can do. It eases a lot of stress for an incoming resident I think. You can actually know what you are getting into."

The new Web site is a template used by each of Military Housing Projects operated by Actus Lend Lease.

Each base is able to customize the site with pictures, pages and other information to suite their individual needs.