CAMP ZAMA, Japan (July, 15 2015) -- Camp Zama's Army Community Service hosted a pool party to celebrate its 50th birthday July 11 at the Sagamihara Family Housing Area pool.Yolanda Hingel, acting director of Camp Zama's ACS, said, "The turnout was amazing!"Hingel said it was the largest and best turnout ACS has had since first celebrating ACS's birthday with a pool party.The event included free food, drinks, refreshments from the United Service Organizations Inc., and other financial sponsors, a live DJ, a fashion show, a swimming relay, raffling and other entertainment.Col. Joy Curriera, commander of U.S. Army Garrison Japan, said with the weather, great staff, and the community coming out to enjoy the event, the pool party was "a top-notch event to celebrate the ACS's 50th birthday.""Look around you!" Command Sgt. Maj. Rosalba Dumont-Carrion, command sergeant major of USAG Japan said, the entire community … from Camp Zama and SFHA came out to celebrate as families.One community member, Rhianna Santos, participated in the swimming relay and acted as a captain for one of the four teams, said, "My team did great!"Gabriel Spencer, 10, who was on Santos's team said, "The water was great and it helped on a sunny day.""We had a good time supporting the community, showing our spirit," said Santos, "Our local ACS is an amazing team. They are always in the community, willing to help out."Hingel said ACS is the place where community members should be able to go and receive service and information."Our door is open and we are (here) to serve with a smile and excellence," said Hingel."Army Community Service is like the center of the gravity for any Army installation," said Curriera, and the reason why ACS is so special in our Zama community is because of the personality of the staff."The success of ACS lies within our community; the people that we service," said Hingel."We are here for our community."A cake-cutting ceremony was held at the end of the event to conclude the birthday celebration.