JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- (July 13, 2015) More than 500 days ago, Dec. 2, 2013, I accepted the colors of the Mission and Installation Contracting Command. In addressing the men and women in the formation that day, I challenged, "During this period of fiscal uncertainty, we must do our part to keep the Army strong. This will take every man and woman within our formation to be dedicated to innovative contracting solutions to ensure we maintain a highly capable Army within our budgetary constraints."It is my respect for those people who answered my challenge that permits me to report the contributions of our organization with such pride in its present achievements, but also with full confidence in its future.I am proud to say the MICC is transforming and would be unrecognizable today to those who knew it just a few years ago; and that speaks volumes about the abilities and flexibilities of our people, Soldiers and civilians alike. Both have such deep strength and capability -- strategic, financial and human.Integrated and working together, we are tackling the transformation of a culture while, at the same time, meeting the needs of our Army customers. The fulcrum of this transformation is an expectation that each individual, regardless of rank or position, is treated with dignity and respect. While that expectation is not and should not be unusual in today's Army, this unit's collective response to that expectation has reaffirmed my faith that people who were dealt with squarely would yield a fair and honest return.That return appears in different places and manifests itself in diverse ways -- in innovation and efficiency, in caring for the command and for each other, and in renewed commitment to the acquisition principles and Army Values we hold dear. Three outgrowths best define the enduring MICC transformation.First, we are well into implementing the MICC 2025 initiative, which commits the command to situating the right people with the right skills in the right places to deliver for the Army Materiel Command the most efficient and effective contracting organization the Army can afford. You might find it surprising that we are already close to completing all actions associated with this initiative.Second, we have established the Command Contracting Operations Metrics, an interactive measurement initiative to increase our collective focus and discipline and to improve the organization's performance in 18 specific operational contracting areas. Our progress with metrics is clearly visible over the last six quarters.Third, we have deployed the Contracting Tactical Operations Center -- an application built by a contracting office for use by a contracting office -- at all MICC locations to give leaders the day-to-day, real-time acquisition-specific business intelligence they need to manage operations across the command from anywhere in the world.The command stands ready for the promising new future ahead of it -- a future in which each member of the MICC team has a role and works consciously to redefine. United and striving toward the goal together, every one of us needs to understand our role in making the MICC the contracting center of excellence.The MICC will remain the long-term leader in the contracting field, the best value proposition for Army customers, and an organizational home for a prized collection of some of the finest acquisition minds and resources in the nation. We at the MICC are quite conscious of the legacy we're privileged to bear forward and the responsibility each member of the team has to ensure we succeed, not for ourselves, but for all of those who depend on us to fulfill the fullest and best meaning of our motto, Contracting for Soldiers.