Kwajalein Hospital
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Kwajalein Hospital: 5-2224

Roi-Namur Dispensary: 5-6223

Kwajalein Hospital provides very limited outpatient services and limited emergency services. Providing health care to the Kwajalein community is the responsibility of the Medical and Dental Services Department. In addition, an ambulance service staffed by qualified emergency medical technicians is maintained by the Fire Department.


Kwajalein Hospital is an inpatient care hospital staffed and operated by the contractor, employing U.S. licensed and certified doctors, nurses and technicians. The hospital is staffed and equipped to provide general medical inpatient and outpatient care, emergency treatment, and basic pre-natal care. Ancillary services include medical imaging, physical therapy, clinical laboratory, pharmacy and occupational health services.


Health services at Kwajalein are intended to deal with emergencies and routine care of residents. No provision is made for specialized treatment. People with problems requiring regular and continuing attention of medical or psychiatric specialists will not find such care on Kwajalein. The hospital handles pre-natal care; however, pregnancies will be referred off-island no later than 36 weeks gestation for delivery. Imaging services provides routine diagnostic radiographs and screening diagnostic ultrasound studies. Occupational health programs include medical surveillance examinations for employees as well as community public health.


Prospective residents should understand that the scope of services at Kwajalein is limited despite the presence of well-qualified professional staff and services that correspond to a well-run community hospital in the United States. Certain acute conditions may arise beyond the capabilities of local personnel, resources and facilities. Emergency medical evacuation to Honolulu, HI medical facilities may entail delays from 24 to 48 hours. Residents should be in good health physically and psychologically, requiring regular off-island specialist care no more than once annually. Such "regular off-island specialist care" would generally be associated with the employee's vacation.


Dental services include emergency relief of pain, examination and diagnosis, dental X-ray, restorative treatment, prosthetic treatment, crowns, bridgework, limited cosmetic treatment and limited endodontic/periodontal services. The clinic is staffed with fulltime U.S. licensed dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants. Orthodontic services are not available.


An optometrist from Hawaii sees patients on Kwajalein several times a year. The employee is responsible for paying for all services rendered at time of service and filing their insurance claim.


The pharmacy has a basic stock of commonly used medications. Since not all brands of drugs are stocked on island, it is advisable to bring a supply of any over-the-counter drugs and prescription medications that are used regularly. Prescriptions must be paid for upon delivery and then submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement. Due to the limited pharmacy, mail order prescriptions is an option.


Physical Therapy services include evaluation and treatment of most acute and non-acute orthopedic and post-operative injuries in an out-patient setting. Prospective residents should understand that the scope of Physical Therapy services is limited despite the presence of our well qualified professional staff; certain conditions may arise that are beyond the capabilities of local personnel due to limited resources, equipment and facilities. The clinic is staffed with a full time U.S. licensed Physical Therapist and limited consultations are available with a U.S. licensed Occupational Therapist.