FORT SAM HOUSTON (June 11, 2015) -- Wisdom can come from years of contemplation or from moments of harsh reality experienced firsthand. Sharing that wisdom and passing down those experiences creates a universal bond in any community. Career Program 29 interns and coaches practiced this time-honored tradition in the first annual CP29 Intern and Coach Orientation Course last week offered at the U.S. Army Installation Management Command Academy.The practice of starting the day early and eager was accomplished and talked about during the course."My family tradition was to have a cup of black coffee every morning with a little sugar," said Scott Brown, director of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security at Fort Lee and CP29 mentor. "From this tradition, we know there will be some bitter in each day, but we can sweeten it with hard work and a good attitude."The orientation course was designed to help supervisors and coaches to learn more about CP29 and the intern program, from recruitment to development and on to placement."This course provides the basics to enable our interns, with the support of their supervisors, to build a solid professional foundation during their internships," said Tim Weathersbee, Director of CP29. "The goal is to grow and retain some highly talented interns, future installation management leaders, many of whom were drawn to our program because of their desire to serve and continue to grow through our many training, education and developmental opportunities."To become a CP29 intern, candidates must apply through opportunities posted on the government jobs website at, or directly through special hiring authorities such as disabled veterans or other persons with disabilities. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, have an undergraduate degree with superior academic achievement or a graduate degree from an accredited university."This approach has allowed us to increase the diversity of our interns," said Weathersbee. "Our interns include decorated combat veterans as well as recent college graduates with no military affiliation. This diversity will contribute to innovation in the Army."The mission of the CP29 program is to support senior Army leadership in sustaining and enhancing the installation management profession, providing career management, education, training and developmental opportunities for the 24,000 CP29 careerists across the Army in 23 commands and organizations."I'm really excited to join an organization committed to the values of training and development," said CP29 intern Sandra Schuling from Fort Lee. "When I joined I saw a long career ahead of me. Mr. Brown is my supervisor and he's fabulous. He is a phenomenal speaker and leader."The CP29 program is a little over a year old now and they expect to graduate the first group of interns in March 2016. This CP29 course brings together the interns with some of the best coaches available to bring the goals of the program to fruition."I am here as a coach and mentor for my intern," said Brown, a 33 year veteran and retired sergeant major. "This program is one of the best opportunities to help the Army, IMCOM and local garrisons to build our bench with youth. I look at it like molding clay, molding individuals into future Army leaders."Often, MG LaWarren Patterson, deputy commanding general of IMCOM, drops by the academy and sits in the back row during class to learn more about the programs and the people throughout the command."It's my opportunity to learn more about how the operation and the strategic levels connect," said MG Patterson. "In this class, I saw mentors and interns working hard together and showing perseverance and resiliency. To these and future participants in CP29 I say thank you. Your undertaking is important in this pivotal moment as the Army is downsizing to a CONUS based Army. So much of what we do in our baseline is at the garrison level, keeping us mission ready."CP29 is already recruiting interns for their next class in April 2016. Opportunities can be found at the Department of Labor Workforce Recruitment Program, the CHRA Wounded Warrior Resume Inventory, LinkedIn and through professional referrals. Some opportunities will also be announced in October on