REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- Three Aviation and Missile Command employee received the Commander's Award for Civilian Service on June 29 during one of the last official duties of outgoing AMCOM deputy commander Cathy Dickens.

Dickens, who retired with 37 years of service on June 30, presented the Commander's Awards to Mary Birdsong, acting associate director of AMCOM's Office of Small Business Programs; Julie Frederick, AMCOM's congressional affairs liaison specialist; and Torri West, AMCOM's executive officer to the deputy commanding general.

In addition, Dickens presented length of service awards to the following: 45 years -- Fred Allen; 40 years -- Gary Reas; 35 years -- Dan O'Boyle; 30 years -- Demetria Cruz, Leonard Forrester and Priscilla Sanders; and 10 years -- William "Bruce" Cline.

Each of these employees have "stepped up and done a tremendous job," Dickens said.
Birdsong's leadership within the Small Business Programs office from June 2014 to June 2015 has exhibited her integrity and dedication to duty. She has recently accepted a developmental assignment at the Space and Missile Defense Command.

Since June 2012, Frederick has been instrumental in coordinating congressional events and preparing daily end-of-day reports to the AMCOM Command Group and its directors, contributing to the AMCOM mission.

From September 2014 through June 2015, West's expertise, resourcefulness, initiative and loyalty as the executive officer to the deputy commander have contributed to the AMCOM mission.