REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (Jun 29, 2015) -- Amid the growing number of global cyber attacks, the Redstone Executive Cyber Steering Group is striving to coordinate investments and activities to establish long-term risk mitigation solutions for cyber attacks against our tactical weapons systems.

The Redstone Cyber ESG is co-chaired by the director of Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center and the Deputy Director of Space Missile Defense Command. Key participating organizations include the Program Executive Office, Missile and Space, PEO Aviation, Missile and Space Intelligence Center, Redstone Test Center, Defense Acquisition University, and Threat Systems Management Office.

This team of leaders is working collectively to establish an enduring federated system across their respective organizations to develop, model, and evaluate system vulnerabilities, supply chain risk, and system performance against cyber attacks. The ESG meets quarterly to coordinate and to discuss pressing cyber issues.

"This is a Redstone integrated capability for cyber testing that was initiated in April 2014," said Rob Goldsmith, AMRDEC Cyber Lead. "We are leveraging the cyber investments being made in individual organizations to create an integrated system initially at Redstone Arsenal with a growth path to external cyber stakeholders."

The team is actively working towards a cyber demonstration tentatively scheduled for January 2017 that will focus on space, missile, and aviation systems and the networks that support them. "This culminating event will demonstrate progress in our ability to technically address the constantly evolving cyber threat," Goldsmith said.

It will show a proactive approach to "bake in" cybersecurity and achieve positive acquisition outcomes when systems are exposed to the real threat, whether during Operational Test and Evaluation, or when exposed to attacks once deployed. The initial cyber test demonstration will be conducted on Redstone Arsenal but future testing will be distributed, integrating capabilities in key cyber organizations.

"Cybersecurity is critical to helping the Warfighter win in a cyber contested environment and is critical to our nation at large as we learn how to do a better job preventing our adversaries from stealing critical information," Goldsmith said. "By fielding systems hardened against the cyber threat, we are protecting our servicemen and women from the effects of cyber attacks."

The event will be hosted at the AMRDEC Cyber Campus, the RTC Distributed Test Control Center and an SMDC lab. This one day demonstration is designed to show community leaders and key materiel development and cyber stakeholders the progress being made in establishing an enduring, federated, cyber test capability. When it is fully operational this cyber test capability can be used to support tactical and strategic systems across the Department of Defense.

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