SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Illinois, (June 24, 2015) -- Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's Personal Property directorate sent an advisory today to all Personal Property Shipping Offices and Department of Defense Household Goods Approved Transportation Service Providers containing important information about the claims process for damaged or delayed personal property and personally owned vehicle shipments.

SDDC-PP Advisory 15-0109 comes after a fire occurred on the American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier's Motor Vessel Courage June 2, 2015. The Courage was carrying, among other commercial cargo, personal property belonging to military service members who are changing duty stations this summer.

All military service members with HHGs and POVs aboard the Courage have already been notified about the incident and will receive additional notification if their property incurred damage or will be delayed.

ARC notified SDDC on June 03, 2015 that fire alarms sounded June 02, 2015 at an upper deck location onboard the Courage while the vessel was in transit from Bremerhaven, Germany to Southampton, United Kingdom. The ship's crew engaged the CO2 fire suppression system and the vessel arrived safely at Southampton. After initial inspections, the ship returned to Bremerhaven where it is currently being offloaded.

The cause of the incident is currently unknown and a damage assessment is ongoing.
Government and military service member cargo onboard the MV Courage includes:

a. 419 POVs from Bremerhaven to the CONUS.
b. 42 POVs from the CONUS to Southampton.
c. 160 HHG shipments from Antwerp and Bremerhaven to the CONUS
d. 44 HHG shipments from the CONUS to Southampton
e. 63 pieces of retrograde military cargo bound for various CONUS locations

Normal Claims procedures will be followed for affected POV and HHG shipments.

SDDC is working with the contracted commercial carriers to determine the impact to the delivery schedule and to ensure service members are receiving information about their property.

A copy of the advisory can be found on SDDC's website at

Headquartered at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., SDDC is composed of active and Reserve military and civilian personnel stationed all over the world. SDDC accomplishes its mission of providing deployment and distribution services to ensure delivery of military cargo to every corner of the globe supporting Department of Defense contingencies, exercises and humanitarian aid missions by partnering with the each of the military services and the best of U.S. commercial shipping, port, air, trucking and rail services.

Media questions should be directed to Fred Rice and Sarah Garner, HQ SDDC Public Affairs; and; (618) 220-6284.