FORT KNOX, KENTUCKY (June 23, 2015) -- Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Snow became the 25th commanding general of US Army Recruiting Command during a change of command ceremony at Fort Knox, Kentucky, today.He told the crowd he's honored to become USAREC's new commanding general."We have an incredibly important mission in support of our Army and our nation," said Snow. "You have my solemn promise that I will do everything in my power to serve as a role model and maintain the type of climate that will allow this command to continue to meet its mission to recruit high potential volunteers enabling our Army and meet our obligation and remain the best Army in the world."I promise I will work as hard as necessary to earn your trust and respect."Prior to this assignment, Snow was the Director of the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office and served in a variety of command and staff assignments in the United States, Germany, Kosovo, Kuwait, and Iraq.He and his wife Karen have three children; Lauren, Kelly, and Maggie.In parting, outgoing USAREC CG Maj. Gen. Allen Batschelet reminded the Soldiers, families, and USAREC staff of his pledge to give his all in a team effort upon taking the reins in 2013."As we developed and implemented our mission and vision to meet [command] objectives, you led the effort enthusiastically, focused on achieving success," said Batschelet. "Mission execution and accomplishment are your continual priority and focus. We've faced many challenges and mission complexities, and we did it together."More importantly, your commitment to the recruiters in the field, and to the greater USAREC mission, reminded me daily of your personal professionalism and commitment to keeping our Army and nation strong."He thanked the commanders and command sergeants major for providing leadership to their teams during some challenging times and the 9,000 recruiters for a job well done. "Every day, those recruiters, those Soldiers, stand watch over the future of our Army by deciding who will join our ranks, who will take our places, who will become the future NCOs and officers charged with leading our Army into the future and charged with facing unknown challenges in unknown places to ensure the continued security of our nation," Batschelet said" He also thanked the installation's surrounding communities for their hospitality."You are selflessly supportive of our Army, our Soldiers, our families, and this post," said Batschelet. "Your elected officials and community leaders spare no approach to ensure every member of our Army team feels welcome and Fort Knox remains a vibrant asset to the Army."