FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. (June 18, 2015) -- An active-shooter training exercise is scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday at Fort Leonard Wood.

The purpose of the exercise, hosted by the 92nd Military Police Battalion, is to provide realistic training to Soldiers, first responders and the emergency management team, to improve prevention, response, threat mitigation and recovery capabilities in the event of a mass casualty incident.

"It is imperative that the 92nd MP Bn. exercises this scenario, because when operating in a complex world, military police Soldiers need to be prepared to respond to the unknown in an array of incidences," said Lt. Col. Chad Goyette, 92nd MP Bn. commander.

"Maintaining a high level of readiness will ensure that if an incident such as an active shooter arises on this installation, the 92nd MP Bn. can provide the best prepared men and women to respond appropriately, while maintaining security of the public and the installation," Goyette said.

The MP's role in this exercise is to respond as realistically as possible and to demonstrate the Directorate of Emergency Services and Fort Leonard Wood's proficiency level for handling such an incident, according to Goyette, whose battalion provides law enforcement to Fort Leonard Wood.

Military police Soldiers will put their active-shooter training to the test and assist in identifying the readiness of the unit and the Fort Leonard Wood community, Goyette added.

According to Don Rose, DES deputy, access-control points on post will not be impacted during the readiness exercise.

"Portions of the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence may be cordoned off, especially on the Hoge Hall side, where the exercise is taking place," Rose said.

Motorists should pay attention for safety officials who may be directing traffic in and around the MSCoE area, he added.

Goyette said there are procedures that the general public should be aware of and practice.

"The best practices, recommended by DES for staying safe and assisting law enforcement in this situation, is for civilians to try to remain calm and remain in place and avoid the area(s) affected by the active shooter if at all possible," said Goyette.

The best response for those directly involved in an active shooter scenario is to evacuate, hide and only take action as a last resort, Goyette said.

"Regardless of their proximity to the situation, the public should obey all police commands, and avoid quick and sudden movements along with pointing and screaming. This will aid law enforcement in assessing the scene and responding directly to the threat without being distracted," he added.

"These exercises provide great benefit for the community as a whole," he said. "Scenarios such as active shooter, aid in familiarizing the community on proper procedures and better prepares the installation for such a critical incident."

In addition to continually improving training and refining military police Soldier skills, the exercise can be a deterrent for possible future incidents, he added.