JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas (June 18, 2015) -- A group of acquisition professionals met May 27-29 at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, to discuss increasing efficiencies into the oversight and management of the Government Purchase Card program.To ensure GPC dollars are managed efficiently, representatives from the Mission and Installation Contracting Command-Fort Belvoir contracting office and MICC headquarters formed a working group to analyze alternatives and develop some potential courses of action to mitigate problems that have been identified by GPC program stakeholders.The MICC's GPC program represents $800 million spent annually for goods and services."The group focused on sharing best practices and lessons learned, identifying problem sets across various GPC program stakeholders, identifying potential information technology solutions and business processes for increasing efficiencies and developing a roadmap for continued improvements," said Lt. Col. Maria Schneider, the MICC-Fort Belvoir contracting office director. "The group also identified weaknesses associated with the integration of various data sources in order to identify any deficiencies and trends."The MICC GPC program group is currently working on a place where GPC program managers and stakeholders can go to and get the most current information about the program."We are seeking a single repository of the various data sources we have in the program, and be able to deal with programmatic elements to be able to increase efficiencies in our overall program management," said Leroy Griffith, the MICC GPC program manager.Griffith explained the future is a MICC GPC web-based type application, which will provide an end-to-end solution with an emphasis focused on helping an agency organizational program coordinator, tactical level office director, the MICC GPC program manager and deputy assistant secretary of the Army for procurement personnel with their oversight needs.The group collectively agreed to seek a single repository solution set that will assist agency organizational program coordinators in the management of the GPC program to provide effective oversight. Members of the team will be leveraging an Army Materiel Command database program as the method to develop the centralized repository. A requirement document is also being developed and provided to the team for consideration in their priorities of work.Once Command approval is granted, the group will be able to direct the facilitating of the next working group meeting and the mission of setting milestones with a November 2015 target date.