Fred Moore is a quality assurance specialist at the Mission and Installation Contracting Command-Fort Gordon contracting office in Georgia.Describe your current position: I am one of two quality folks at Fort Gordon. I do daily surveillance of contracting officer's representative reports, provide monthly COR bulletins to highlight and emphasize material of significant interest to the work effort, and help facilitate a two-day training COR class every month. I assist our office with government purchase card audits each month. Additionally, I'm the division safety representative. In that regard, I put out one or two emails a month to address safety topics of importance for the season or holiday in the month.Describe your passion for your job? Passion is a strong word, I do what I do because I've been doing it most of my adult life. I work for the government now and in my prior life as active-duty military. Mission is in my blood; I do what's required to make the mission a success.Where do you call home? Do you have family? I call Grovetown, Georgia, home; this is where I've been assigned since 2011, and where I'm assigned is home. At my age, home is where I hang my hat. I'm married to a very lovely lady named Carol. We've been a number for 34 years, and Carol has a son who just retired from the U.S. Air Force as an F-15 pilot after 26 years of service. Needless to say, we're both extremely proud. In my spare time, my wife and I travel, searching out pottery collectibles. We're both avid readers and haven't had a TV in our home for more than 30 years. I facilitate a couples Sunday school class at our church (where) we discuss current events and their relevance, applicability and connection with our Christian walk. We support many charities with our personal volunteer time and our monetary blessings.What is your greatest satisfaction in performing your job? As a quality assurance specialist, my mission is simply to make sure the government gets every bit of contract service for taxpayer expenditure. Contracts significantly supplement the mission footprint of our Soldiers, whether it be food service, transportation or mission engineering. Contractors have been providing material support to our troops since the very beginning of our nation. We see to it that those contractors stand up to their contract obligations. As an old boss once said to me: "We see to it we get every bang for our buck."What would you like others to know about you? I did 26 years and retired as a senior master sergeant from the U.S. Air Force and have been working civil service for just over 13 years. I wrote a travel blog on our many years living and working in Turkey -- two tours as an active-duty person and the last eight years as civil service before coming to Georgia. I'm a political science major and love to read nonfiction books and articles. I read eight to 10 books a month and stay up to date on current events. I have a lifelong motto: "Good, better, best, never let good rest until better is best!"