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(Editor's note: This is part three of a three-article series on the IMCOM Headquarters Centralized Mentoring Program. The first two articles are available online at http://www.army.mil/article/130378/; http://www.army.mil/article/141805/)

SAN ANTONIO (June 2, 2015) -- Energy and enthusiasm blew through the room like wildfire during presentations given by U.S. Army Installation Management Command Headquarters Centralized Mentorship Program attendees during the final phase of the program.

A major benefit of the mentorship program, and specifically the presentation phase, was "new perspective," according to mentee Ralph Williams from U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria. Williams said the program gave him a deeper understanding of the connection between strategy and base-level operations.

"I've seen a bigger picture now -- how it's all related," Williams said, "and understand the importance of holistic development for the future."

Attendees worked over a nine-month period to develop potential human capital improvements to present to senior mentors and IMCOM leaders.

While the presentation of the capstone projects was the final piece of the 12-month employee development program, the three-day return also included exclusive leadership development time with Brig. Gen. Daniel Mitchell, Deputy Commanding General for Support, who praised the groups for their energy and innovative projects.

"Someone already thinks you have potential," Mitchell said, "because you're here. Now, make the Army values come alive for you. You are our future leaders, take the time to reflect on what those values mean to you."

Karen Perkins, Director of Human Resources and SGM Lon Culbreath, IMCOM Human Resources praised both projects and program, while recognizing every participant's commitment and participation in the HCMP.

"Mentorship is about inspiring others, touching lives and giving back to the organization," Perkins said. "We've invested in you, now take all that you've learned here back to your workplace."

Culbreath reminded the mentees that their work doesn't stop once the presentations are complete.

"You leave here as change agents," Culbreath said, "and should be proud when you see your ideas in the IMCOM 2025 strategy."

Parting words among the mentors and mentees were a heartfelt mix of thanks and encouragement, with one mentor charging the mentees to "do something every day that will leave [IMCOM] better than you found it."

The HCMP is an annual development opportunity for IMCOM and Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management employees that pairs mentors in grades GS 13-15 (or equivalent), with mentees in grades GS 11-13 (or equivalent), including non-appropriated fund and local-national employees.

For more information about applying to the HCMP as a mentor or mentee, contact the IMCOM headquarters workforce development team: Beth Burns at beth.e.burns.civ@mail.mil; Dr. Phillip Douglas at phillip.d.douglas.civ@mail.mil; or Nick Gonzales at nicholas.c.gonzales.civ@mail.mil.

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