FORT LEAVENWORTH, KS -- Leaders at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College recently accredited the 2nd Brigade of the 104th Training Division (Reserve) and the 3747th Multi-functional Training Brigade Europe to continue to train and educate officers participating in Intermediate Level Education through The Army School System (TASS).

In a ceremony held Nov. 15 at Fort Leavenworth, Dr. Wendell "Chris" King, CGSC Dean of Academics, presented Col. Michael Dillard, commander 2nd Brigade, 104th Division and Lt. Col Cary Costa, director of instruction, 3747th MFTB-E, with certificates signifying this achievement. The Dean's office is responsible for ensuring curriculum and instruction for all courses are held to a common standard.

"We have a world-class faculty, both here at Fort Leavenworth and in the TASS classes, dedicated to learning and advancing professional knowledge," he said. "All our courses provide the Army with highly educated professional officers capable of leading and planning operations at the tactical, operational and strategic levels."

With the advent of wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army has increased its focus on the education of mid-grade officers and planners for the Active, Reserve, and National Guard. This responsibility rests largely at the Command and General Staff College where faculty are charged with educating and developing leaders for full spectrum joint, interagency and multinational operations and to act as the lead agent for the Army's leader development program. For approximately 80 percent of Army officers, ILE is the last formal education they will receive during their career.

"It is imperative in today's Army that the standards of excellence that we expect from our professional military officer's education are consistent throughout all programs, whether resident or non-resident," said Dr. Rhoda Risner of the CGSC Quality Assurance Office.

The majority of students taking ILE do so through TASS. The Reserve School courses are spread throughout the United States and overseas. More than 1,500 students attend ILE through TASS annually. Risner and her quality assurance team conducted site visits and observed all 49 class locations in 2nd Brigade and the 3747th to ensure the learning experience was equivalent to the resident course at Fort Leavenworth.

Currently the Reserve and National Guard components have more than 95,000 service members serving on active duty with many currently deployed in combat operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This top tier education of the professional Officer Corps, specifically the courses received while attending ILE, allows all components to work together in a seamless manner during combat operations.

The U.S. Army Command and General Staff College is renowned for the study of leadership, the conduct of land warfare, and the synchronization and applications of all elements of military power. For more information about this story or the College contact the CGSC public affairs office at 913-684-3097, email or visit