FORT KNOX, Ky. - Third Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Soldiers participated in the unit's Summer Safety Stand Down Day, May 19. The safety day kicked off the 100 days of summer, which is a program that runs between Memorial Day and Labor Day."The Summer Safety Stand Down Day was essential for us to identify summer hazards for Soldiers and family members," explained Percy Black, 3rd ESC safety director.Drown proofing kicked the day off before first light at Gammon Gym's swimming pool. Soldiers learned how to create flotation devices by trapping air inside their uniforms."If I'm ever in a plane crash in the ocean, or a boat capsizes, I'm confident that I can survive." said 3rd ESC Command Group Driver Sgt. Richard Cole. "With the techniques we learned, you can stay afloat for a long time."The afternoon featured exhibits from the U.S. Coast Guard, Kentucky State Police, Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Services, Fort Knox Fire Department, ASAP and the 3rd ESC Surgeon Cell. Some stations entertained and instructed Soldiers on safety measures while others provided valuable summer safety tips."You want to do interactive things that grabs people's attention. Once they are paying attention, information can transfer from their short term to their long term memory, so it sticks with them," highlighted Black."Safety is paramount in the military. It's the basis of all that we do. It is imperative to think before we act, and to include safety in everything that we do," explained Capt. Anthony Goble, the 3rd ESC Headquarters and Headquarters Company commander.Goble went on to say, "When you find yourself downrange in an austere environment, sometimes when you come back you feel bulletproof, and you don't mitigate risk like you should. It's imperative that we take a step back, take a moment to ensure that we're acting safely, and that we're taking care of ourselves, our families, and most importantly our Soldiers."