BARSTOW DAGGETT AIRFIELD, Calif. -- With the help of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Soldiers of Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division conducted an Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise, 21 May, to prepare for their future mission with the Global Response Force.Charlie Company Soldiers walked off the C-17 military aircraft in full combat gear and immediately went to work. Soldiers off-loaded their gear and two Strykers just as rapidly as they loaded two buses and set off for Fort Irwin in support of the 11th ACR for decisive action rotation 15-08."So, normally we do not get augmentees coming in on a C-17," Says Capt. John Mock, 2nd Squadron Assistant Operations Officer. Mock explains that Charlie Company conducted an EDRE to simulate how they will need to react in future missions when they join the Global Response Force with 82nd Airborne Division. "So what they are doing now is conducting EDRE, where they fly out of Fort Carson, Colorado within 18 hours of being notified of their mission then are moved anywhere in the world to be able to support contingency operations on the ground. We are helping Charlie Company out today by receiving them on the back end of their EDRE to Fort Irwin, California.""Here at the 11tACR, we like to say we are a formidable professional team of teams. We are filling the professional team of teams portion by teaming up with 2/23 Infantry and bringing them here on the ground to help them meet their training objectives." 1st Lt. Stephen Hagy Charlie Company platoon leader worked closely with 2nd Squadron 11th ACR to ensure his company arrived at the airfield. Two flights were required to bring everyone and their equipment here. While the Strykers will be sent back to Fort Carson, 2/23 Infantry will continue on to support the 11th ACR as an oppositional force against the 1/1 Armored Division Stryker Brigade Combat Team from Fort Bliss, Texas.On planning for the EDRE and working with 2nd Squadron, Hagy says, "the teamwork is very apparent and being that we are on separate posts it was tough at first but now we are perfectly in synch. I think it's going to be an easy transition to move right into our mission here."