Cutting-Edge Intensive Care Unit opens at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center

By Mr. Wesley P Elliott (Army Medicine)May 15, 2015

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FORT GORDON, Ga. -- The Eisenhower Army Medical Center (EAMC) will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly renovated Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which features a modern design with upgraded bedside technology to improve the patient experience, on May 18 at 11 a.m.

"The modern ICU design and new technology, allows the staff to provide improved comfort and care for truly sick patients and their families, as well as a coordinated team approach to care for patients when they need us the most," said LTC Christopher J. Colombo, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Medical Director, EAMC Intensive Care Unit.

"The new ICU offers many distinctive features including an innovative greeter area that is truly a unique feature of the new ICU."

Colombo states that most ICUs are locked areas where family members would need to be granted entry by a telephone but the EAMC ICU includes a greeting area where a staff member or Red Cross volunteer will welcome family members and assist them when they need it most.

The design incorporates a semi-open collaborative work area to encourage interaction between doctors and nurses but is focused on maintaining the privacy of the patient while balancing the openness and availability of staff.

"In order to make the rooms safer and more enjoyable for the patient and family, the size of the rooms have been increased so that they can accommodate more lifesaving equipment in an easy to manage space."

In addition to the design and layout, the renovated ICU features upgraded technology including dialysis capable rooms, operating room lights, multiple bedside monitors and devices, as well safety equipment to protect staff such as patient lifts.