GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- Community family members between the ages of 14 - 22 years old now have the opportunity to gain meaningful job experience here while getting paid.

The Civilian Human Resources Agency Northeast/Europe Region has begun accepting applications for the Army Europe Youth Summer Hire Program.

There are at least 30 positions available in the Bavaria footprint, which includes Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, Hohenfels and Garmisch.

The program will provide on-post jobs in general clerical and light laborer positions to U.S. family member dependents ages 14-22. Applicants of local national employees who are not U.S. citizens must be 15 years old.

The job announcements are open now through May 18. The program will run from June 29-Aug. 7.

Online applications are available on the CHRA-E website at

Applicants must submit a resume online, and hard copies of supporting documents, such as W-4 and SF-1199a, must be provided directly to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center that services their community.


• Open to all family members between the ages of 14 - 22 years old.

• Must be a family member of an active military member or DoD civilian.

• Must be age 14 by June 29.

• German, non-U.S. family members of local national employees may apply if they are at least 15 years old by June 29 and have not reached their 23rd birthday before Aug. 7.

• Applicants must show a valid dependent ID card and U.S. passport. Local national students must show a valid dependent ID card and passport.

• Family members of employees of the American Red Cross, United Services Organization (USO), banking facilities, University of Maryland, retired members of the Armed Forces, or contractors are not eligible to participate.

• Students must have a current bank account in their own name for direct deposit of pay.

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