Leaders of the Army Nurse Corps met in San Antonio, Texas, convened by new ANC Chief Maj. Gen. Patricia Horoho to draw up a campaign plan to guide the corps in the future.

"The purpose of the Army Nurse Corps campaign plan is to align Nurse Corps priorities with the Army Medical Department and the Army's strategic plans," Horoho said.

"The campaign plan is a four-year plan that establishes priorities for the corps and codifies a systematic process for blueprinting the future. The campaign plan provides a mechanism for the Nurse Corps to continuously access progress on goals and objectives."


The ANC must cope with a shortage of nurses that is affecting the whole nation.

"The sustained increased demand for Army nurses is beginning to exceed the sustainable supply. As a result, Army nursing's ability to respond proactively to new and different contingencies is decreasing," according to a situation outline presented to conference participants.

The structure of the plan fits the ANC strategy map, which in turn nests with the Army Medical Department's strategy map within the AMEDD Balanced Scorecard. Objectives are built around four strategic themes: leader development, warrior care, evidence-based management and human capital.

"The four strategic themes or imperatives of the campaign plan are critically important, as they collectively serve as the foundation of the plan," Horoho said. "The leader development imperative is essential in the development of full spectrum leaders who are adaptive to any conditions based mission.

The warrior care imperative is critical in the evaluation of patient care and optimization of nursing care delivery systems that embrace evidence-based practice to achieve the best patient outcomes. The evidence-based management imperative is vital in the optimization of performance.

The utilization of evidence-based methodology optimizes business practices and cost-capabilities. The human capital imperative is crucial in the development of a portfolio of expertise and the optimization of the Army Nurse Corps footprint."


Action officers are directed to form process action teams to develop strategies to implement the campaign plan. Deputy Corps Chief Col. Susanne Clark will monitor progress on the plan monthly, and the ANC Executive Board will review it annually.

"The campaign plan will facilitate the improvement of patient-driven, family-centric, evidence-based nursing care, standardization and communication within the Nurse Corps.

Ultimately, the campaign plan will position the Army Nurse Corps as a force multiplier for the future of military medicine through doctrinal change, technology, and operational art," Horoho concluded.