JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas (May 8, 2015) -- A Mission and Installation Contracting Command Soldier from Fort Carson, Colorado, has been named the U.S. Special Operations Command Outstanding Contingency Contracting Officer for 2014. Master Sgt. Lucas Tighe from the 918th Contracting Battalion earned the award in the enlisted category as a result of his contributions to contracting and promoting competition when soliciting offers and awarding government contracts during a 2014 deployment to Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, in support of Special Operations Command Central Forward."It's an honor to be recognized by USSOCOM," he said. "Their efforts are broad and enduring with a tireless acquisition workforce. I'm grateful for having the opportunity to have served in their ranks."Tighe was recognized for providing substantial mission enhancement by enabling 43 contracts valued at more than $6.3 million in direct support of SOCCENT Forward missions, which included improving community outreach and host nation government legitimacy and long-term sustainability.He also played a critical role in the execution of contracts to expand two host nation training camps that led to a 30-percent increase in personnel capacity."The camp expansions really allowed a whole new level of mission support for our forces forward," Tighe said. "We were able to expand basic life services to support a forces realignment that allowed special skill sets to be leveraged against mission needs, increase some force protection standards and bring in much needed infrastructure."As the NCO in charge, he was responsible for leading a team of 10 Air Force and Army contracting professionals but believes running a joint contracting office is no different than any other position of leadership. "You have interpersonal, supply (and) infrastructure issues that need to be addressed and balanced to the best the situation will allow," he said. "I was extremely lucky in all those aspects due to the hardened facilities, the appropriate staff support and highly skilled personnel assigned there with me."Supporting an area of responsibility that spans 21 countries, Tighe and his team successfully overcame some challenges to help capture $24 million in oversight."Since SOCCENT has an enduring presence, we had the luxury of historic data and mostly reoccurring or similar requirements," he said. "The real struggle is getting vendors paid. We were able to circumvent a lot of payment issues by using the embassy as a paying office, but that caused new problems like getting a payment voucher to close contracts."USSOCOM officials said the outstanding contingency contracting officer award honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the contracting mission in austere environments. Nominees were rated individual impact on the support mission; resource management efficiency including management of dollars and timeliness; and individual professionalism and self-improvement.