Garrison honorees serve 'best installation on planet'
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Garrison honorees serve 'best installation on planet'
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Garrison commander Col. Bill Marks wanted to make sure he included everyone in Thursday's quarterly awards ceremony, whether they were receiving certificates or not.

"I've said this before: I think this is the best installation on the planet. I mean that," he said. "And that's because of you guys."

Marks presented awards for length of service, Garrison Organization Day and JROTC Day volunteers. He also recognized safety officer Mike Moore, who served a voluntary deployment to Afghanistan from March-June 2014, and Ed Adams as the Garrison employee of the quarter.

"Thank you so much for what you're doing for our customers and for our community," Marks told the workers assembled in The Summit.

Moore volunteered with the International/Expeditionary Policy Office for Operation Enduring Freedom which changed to a resolute support mission with Afghani forces taking on military operations. Prior to leaving for Afghanistan, the volunteers received training in weapons firing, emergency response situations, first aid and battlefield survival skills. In 2014 Moore was assigned with U.S. Forces Afghanistan as the regional command east, north and Kabul tactical and ground safety officer.

His duties included conducting battlefield circulation in various Afghan provinces while working in Mazir-e-Sharif (25 miles south of Uzbekistan), Kandahar, Kabul and Bagram.

During the ceremony Moore received the Superior Civilian Service Award, the Medal for Global War on Terrorism, the Non-Article Five NATO Medal, a Certificate of Wartime Service and the Joint Civilian Service Achievement Medal.

"It's a distinct privilege and honor to serve overseas," Moore said, "especially supporting the men and women in the military of our country."

Length of service honorees included Becky Miller (45 years of service), Lewis Johnson (40 years), Keith Cook (35 years), Kathy English (35 years), Ed Gancarz (35 years), James McCarver (35 years), Tony Bowden (30 years), Teresa Dail (30 years), Terry Davis (30 years), Gary Dissette (30 years), Fred Keith (30 years), Billy Booth (25 years), Stanley Griggs (25 years), Tamilene Harris (25 years), Daniel Huber (25 years), Christopher Peoples (25 years), Timothy Smith (25 years), Phyllis Turney (25 years), Christopher Colster (20 years) and Lee Riley (20 years).

The Garrison Organization Day honorees, who helped plan the event held Oct. 22 at the Redstone Activity Field, included Raquel Ayers, John Bankston, Ryan Best, Thomas Brown, Teneka Burks, William Cheatham, Diane Corlew, Natalie Crawford, Donna Cruz, Teresa Dail, Glenda Demma, Joshua Dobson, Kathy English, Allison Fischer, Ashley Garth, Paul Grosch, Kari Hawkins, Donna Johnson, Jordan Matthews, Jonathan Niedergeses, Wendy Norris, Angelique Ortiz, Katherine Pillsbury, Francine Stone, Natalie Taylor, Richard Wall and Michelle Watkins.

Honorees for JROTC Day, held March 17, included Kari Hawkins, Brett Atwell, Jeanine Bailey, Charles Berry, Scott Bishop, Billy Booth, Kerrie Branson, Joshua Cagle, David Campbell, William Cheatham, Keith Coates, Christopher Colster, Joshua Covington, Natalie Crawford, Larry Davenport, Michael Dorsett, Kai Ealy, Amelia Flanigan, April Fritz, Kim Gould, Aaron Hanson, Ben Howard, Sam Ivy, Monica Jones, Misty Keller, Shannon Lott, Jordan Matthews, Leisa Norman, Angelique Ortiz, Jerry Ortiz, Uncha Pope, Greg Pride, Wanda Quigley, Bob Quire, Je'neen Russell, Robert Schumann, Sheryl Scott-Astle, Norma Sepulveda, George Smith, Angel Solomon, James Staples, Francine Stone, Terri Stover, Capt. Teresa Vaughn, Richard Wall, Gary White, Barbara Williams, Renaldo Williams and David Wilson.