SAN ANTONIO (May 5, 2015) -- To the internet, Mica Hendricks is the blogger who inspired thousands to collaborate on art projects with their children. To the Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation community, she is the graphic artist behind many advertisements for Family and MWR programming at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.Her post, "Collaborating with a 4 year-old," published on her blog Busy Mockingbird, went viral in 2013. Since then, Hendricks balanced the responsibilities of being a mother, military spouse, MWR employee and online blogger.Hendricks was born into the "traveling circus of military life," she said. She was a military child and then later joined the Army as a photolithographer. During her time in service, she met her husband Matthew, another Active Duty Soldier. Hendricks got out of the Army in 2003, and her husband still serves as a pilot.In 2006, she became a graphic designer for the MWR Marketing department at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.Like other military spouses, Hendricks dealt with her husband's temporary duty assignments and deployments while taking care of her daughter Myla at home."We [military spouses] work, we raise kids, and we manage households while our Soldiers are gone," she said.Hendricks started her blog in June 2013 and hoped to inspire others to be creative."My blog was a small little thing I had fun with and wrote about the various crafts and projects I do," she stated. "Only a handful of people read it, mostly family and friends."In August 2013, she composed the "Collaborating with a 4 year old" entry. The post featured sketches of expressive human faces, drawn by Hendricks, with cartoonish animal bodies and mythical creatures, drawn by her daughter. The imaginative portraits caught the attention of many internet users, including a few daytime talk show hosts and a famous Hollywood actor."It felt so good knowing that something my daughter and I did together meant so much to so many people from all over the world," she remarked.Since their first brush with fame two years ago, Hendricks and her daughter continue to collaborate on art projects.Hendricks stated that art has helped her Family with handling the obstacles and challenges of military life."I try to be lighthearted in my artwork and keep a sense of humor and playfulness," she commented. "Humor has always gotten us through rough times in the military, but you cannot break down -- you have to find the humorous side to get you through it."Hendricks' popularity gave her the opportunity to sell her art prints and books online to her fans. She hopes to illustrate a book specifically for military kids in the future. She believes that there are not many children's books depicting military life in more upbeat manner.As her family continues their journey in the "traveling circus" of military life, Hendricks wants her readers to know how strong and creative military families are -- no matter where life takes them."This experience helped build my daughter's confidence and showed her how much art can touch people in ways that nothing else can," she said.