CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait - Continuing to foster a strong coalition relationship with the Kuwaiti military, Maj. Gen. Darrell K. Williams, commanding general, 1st Sustainment Command (Theater), spoke at the Kuwait Ministry of Defense Mubarak Al Abdullah Joint Command & Staff College, hosted by Brig. Gen. Abdullah Al-Dashti, commandant, of the advanced school. The speaking engagement was designed to give not only the Kuwaiti officers in attendance an in-depth brief of what the 1st TSC looks like on paper, but to the many other coalition officers who attend the advanced military school, as well.Williams started off discussing the logistical training exercise on-going with Kuwaiti Forces, "We've been conducting a bi-lateral exercise called KAZMA II, taking a look at scenarios that could happen in Kuwait, and how we as logisticians might be able to assist (Kuwaiti forces)."While talking through some of the exercise challenges, he mentioned how U.S. forces would support the variety of dynamics that would come up in the unfortunate event of an attack within the Kuwait boundary. Some of these responses may include supporting the movement of internally displaced civilians and medical relief."This is a theater cooperation event. You cannot surge relationships, if something like this happens in the middle of the night, it's too late to try and develop a relationship with Kuwaiti Forces leadership. The time to develop that relationship is now," Williams continued, "to gain a fair understanding of how we operate. How you operate."Following the commanding general's briefing he took a few questions from the various foreign officers in attendance. Some officers were from the United Arab Emirates, Republic of Korea, Australian and British forces, as well as Kuwaiti military. Williams answered questions about the United States Department of Defense budget challenges, along with a question about what he thought the future of coalition forces might look with the continued rising threat of Da'esh across the Arabian landscape.