Troy Foster, the Mission and Installation Contracting Command protocol officer and acting secretary of the general staff, leads the Colleagues Helping Each other Engage in Responsive Solutions committee at the command's headquarters. He said the committee provides an avenue to share thoughts and concerns as well as promote ideas on how members at the headquarters can improve morale and camaraderie in the command, which contributes to the physical, social, mental and emotional well-being of members.Who makes up the committee?The committee is strictly voluntary and open to every headquarters employee who wishes to make the MICC headquarters a great place to work.What is it that makes such a committee work?The fact that the committee is voluntary seems to facilitate the most success. Every member is there because they want to be there. Everyone seems to take a sense of ownership in the process of making our second home -- our work environment -- a truly great place to work.What events has the committee organized?We held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the brand new gym the committee requested and resourced at no cost to the organization; secured a vendor for the development and purchase of MICC polo shirts; and put together a plan to secure a pavilion for MICC headquarters.We've also conducted several MICCsers after work to get to know each other outside of the normal day-to-day office environment. We have learned that developing relationships outside of work improves relationships in the workplace.We conducted our Bring Your Child to Work Day that allows employees to bring their children to work to learn all about their role within the command and gain a better understanding of our mission. We provided food, games, arts and crafts, personality tests, interview techniques, and much more to children of all ages. This program also facilitates deeper working relationships as the children form friendships and bonds.We've conducted a couple pizza and bowling outings at which individual departments created teams, and those teams all competed for top honors.The committee also conducted an employee recognition ceremony. Many colleagues were recognized for their contributions to the MICC, Army Contracting Command, Army Materiel Command and Army.Future events include hails and farewells, karaoke, organizational day and a holiday party.How do these events contribute to building morale and esprit de corps?These events foster trust, loyalty and friendship among the MICC headquarters military and civilian personnel as well as family members. These factors increase morale and influence esprit de corps.Last year, USAA was No. 17 on Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For"? list, matching its highest ranking and marking the fifth straight year USAA placed in the list's Top 50. Among all large financial services companies, with 10,000 or more employees, in the nation, USAA ranked as the No. 2 "Best Company to Work For." USAA also ranked as the No. 1 large company in Texas.In a USAA press release, its CEO, retired Maj. Gen. Joe Robles, was quoted as saying: "There's a little more esprit de corps that naturally comes from working in an environment that's all about serving military families and not about stock price and earnings per share. Add that noble mission to some of the best benefits and opportunities to grow professionally, and we're able to attract and keep the best employees anywhere. Our great employees then make our work environment better and better."We are making the MICC headquarters work environment better and better.Can such efforts be duplicated at other offices throughout the command?Definitely. Why would they not?