Over 1,000 Soldiers, civilians, family members, and pets attended the walk on April 03 to raise awareness and take a firm stand against Sexual Assault and Harassment. Lt. Col. Vanessa K. Ragsdale, commander of the 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, opened the auspicious event by introducing the guest of honor, Brig. Gen. Clayton M. Hutmacher, 2nd Infantry Division Deputy Commanding General for Sustainment.BG Hutmacher acknowledged the insidious stain that Sexual Assault and Harassment has had on our institution but also wanted to "focus on the positive steps that are being made to stop it and restore the true brotherhood and sisterhood that we have in the profession of arms."Closing remarks were given Col. Arvesta P. Robenson, Commander of the 1st Signal Brigade. He concluded by thanking everyone for their participation and expressed the critical importance of prevention by everyone doing their part.