He has been known as the 2014 Ultimate "Men's Health" Guy, a current "Dancing with the Stars" contestant and an Army veteran, but now Noah Galloway can add "proud Army boyfriend" to the list.

Galloway took time out of his rigorous "Dancing with the Stars" practice schedule to fly to Fort Leonard Wood to be with Spc. Jamie Boyd, as she graduated from One Station Unit Training with Company A, 787th Military Police Battalion March 26 in Nutter Field House. Galloway said he wouldn't have missed that moment for the world.

"This is more important. When 'Dancing with the Stars' called, I had two other shows calling me. I was really interested in one of them, but I told them that production could not interfere with March 26. They said filming was in March, so I declined the opportunity. The day I met Sharna (Burgess, his dancing partner), I told her there was a week in March that I had to spend in Missouri and she understood that," Galloway said.

Most recently, Galloway appeared on the November cover of "Men's Health" Magazine, as he was named the publication's 2014 Ultimate Guy. He's also been a guest on numerous national talk shows including Ellen and The Today Show.

Galloway was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Just three months in to his second tour of duty, he experienced a life-changing injury. Noah lost his left arm above the elbow and left leg above the knee in an improvised-explosive-device attack. He was transported to Germany to receive medical treatment remaining unconscious for five days. Noah woke up late in the evening on Christmas Eve to find out he had lost two of his limbs and sustained several injuries to his remaining leg and his jaw.

After a long stint in rehabilitation, Galloway had become withdrawn and depressed. He set a goal to get back in shape, be healthier and inspire others.

Now a personal trainer, he participates in adventure races, Spartan events and CrossFit competitions.

Boyd met Galloway while she was hosting her radio talk show "Jammin' with Jamie" a couple of years ago.

Boyd said she grew up with a military mentality, because her dad and both her grandpas served, but Noah gave her the final motivation to join the Army.

"I grew up eating MRE's. I was raised around people who have respect for those who serve. I was just drawn to it," Boyd said. "I think seeing the pride Noah has in the military and his selfless service is just a beautiful thing, so I finally joined."

Galloway said he was impressed that his girlfriend joined the military, especially dating a man with his background.

"She is with a guy who is missing two limbs because of my time in and she joined anyway. That is incredible. It says a lot about who she is. I have so much respect for her," Galloway said. "I always knew she was perfect for the Army. She is physically strong and has a great personality. She is also very smart."

As a combat veteran, Galloway said he isn't accustomed to being the one staying home while his loved one serves.

"It makes me nervous. She is going to deploy. I don't like being on this side. This side is a lot harder for me," Galloway said.

Galloway said Boyd's Army training has brought them closer together as a couple, because now she better understands the military side of his life.

"Now she knows the rank system and military procedures. It excites me that now she has a better understanding of the military. She is still the same sweet kind person -- she just wears an Army uniform now," Galloway said.

Galloway used his fitness expertise to help Boyd prepare for her Army training.

"Noah is a gym rat and fitness guru," Boyd said. "I credit him with all of my Army Physical Fitness Test scores. We worked out about twice a day at home. He wanted me to be in the best shape possible."

Boyd surprised Galloway during a live "Dancing with the Stars" show March 23. Galloway dedicated his dance to Boyd, not knowing she was hiding just feet away.

"It was great to get to introduce her on the show that way," Galloway said.

Boyd said she couldn't believe she got to go surprise Galloway before her graduation.

"I never thought in a million years that I would have that opportunity. Just to be able to look him in his eyes, hug him and tell him in-person how proud I was of him, meant more to me than anything," Boyd said.

"I feel so fortunate for that opportunity. I'm thankful to the Army and my leadership -- I just can't thank them enough," she added.

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