McALESTER, Okla.--Since 1994, Raytheon has teamed with McAlester Army Ammunition Plant to produce such weapons as the High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile, the Joint Stand Off Weapon and the latest, the Excalibur projectile, which is the first precision cannon artillery system for the U.S. Army, Marines and coalition artillery.

Raytheon began their partnership with McAlester in 1994 when they integrated the HARM missile for the next two years. Beginning in 1996, Raytheon has "gone through development, low rate initial production and full rate production for the four different variances of the JSOW," according to Chris Crouch, Raytheon general manager for McAlester.

Future developments of the JSOW--with a new variant appearing in 2009--allow the weapon to acquire a moving target, Crouch said. Raytheon is looking for other potential programs that will benefit McAlester, he said.

"One of the first things that impressed me was the work ethic and mission focus of the production workers at the plant," Crouch said.

McAlester's efforts were instrumental in getting the Excalibur to the warfighter ahead of schedule, he said.

"Together, we have been able to expand McAlester's expertise from conventional ammunition to include precision guided weapons and Excalibur is a good example of
this," he said.

Additionally, the plant is actively engaged in the demilitarization of Raytheon missiles, primarily the Maverick and the Standard SM-1. These programs have served as a major advancement in the plant's demilitarization program and has prompted McAlester to pursue construction of a state-of-the-art missile demilitarization facility.

McAlester now has 11 partnerships with a goal to increase that to 17 in the coming year. The plant offers load, assembly and pack and resource, recovery and recycle (R3) services. McAlester also offers maintenance, renovation, demilitarization, emerging technologies and research and development of all conventional ammunition.

McAlester has more than adequate space to accommodate additional partners, said Randy Pipes, marketing director at McAlester.

In addition to Raytheon Missile Systems, McAlester's industry partners include: General Dynamics OTS (LAP and R3); Lockheed Martin (LAP); The Boeing Company
(LAP); Accurate Energetics Systems (R3); Elwood National Forge Co. (LAP); EXPLO Systems (R3); The Ensign Brickford Co. (R3); General Atomics (R3) , Demil Metals
INC (R3) and U.S. Foundry and Manufacturing Corp (R3).

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant has the experience, the capability and the talent to successfully partner with any Department of Defense contractor. McAlester-providing joint service support to the warfighter--right item, right time, right place and right quantity.

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant has the longest running direct public-private partnership in the Joint Munitions Command.