ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. -- Accurate information is an invaluable tool in logistics. And sometimes not enough information is available at one's fingertips. But thanks to a recent Joint Munitions Command green belt Lean Six Sigma project, the ammunition data cards that are used by logistics personnel now have the most complete, up-to-date information for field issuable or Department of Defense identification code level ammunition. The project saved JMC more than $67,000.

The team assembled to carry out the project consisted of five members and included personnel from JMC and ARDEC.

While it was in process, the project took advantage of improved administrative functionality of the ADC Worldwide Ammunition-Data Repository program. A streamlined sample ADC review process providing increased clarity in instructions through the addition of an operational definition has enhanced the production quality management understanding of the required item componentry to be included on the end item ADC during the review process.

Additionally, the project made use of a contractual clause to communicate, upfront to the producer, the required components to be included on the ADC.

According to Aaron Meyers, general engineer, JMC's Quality Assurance Directorate, this project will benefit JMC in many ways.

"By standardizing the requirements for ADC, a more uniform process has been put in place. This will result in a reduction of time spent clarifying ADC requirements down the road, as both JMC and the contractors should have the same understanding of a completed ADC. After production, the logistical analysis will be made easier having all necessary components identified on the ADC," he said.

"Once the template is in place, the amount of time spent searching for common components between lots will be reduced and the confidence that all necessary components will have been found will be raised. Overall, by having a correctly filled out ADC, everyone involved with ADCs becomes more efficient," he continued.

"Properly documented ADCs will benefit JMC in its capability to quickly respond to user's requests for information of ammunition in both the hands of our warfighters and the ammunition stockpile," said Marcia Garrison, WARP system administrator, ammunition data analyst, Production Quality Management Division.