One such Soldier is Sgt. Phylicia Daley who is currently assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 210 Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team.She works in the maintenance office as the non-commissioned officer in-charge who runs the Standard Army Maintenance Systems for the brigade.Daley is a self proclaimed workaholic and her supervisor Chief Warrant Officer 4 Raymond E. Telego Jr tends to agree with her."She puts herself and her time into having any mission that I give her is accomplished," he said. "She does not stop at five. She takes her work home with her."Daley tabulates the maintenance reports for the seven battalions within the brigade. That means she must track all the vehicles and equipment that is on the deadline reports and the priority parts that are ordered for them. She also charts maintenance work orders for everything from weapons to vehicles to the heavy equipment the engineers use."We support the entire brigade through the SAMS II system. All the company SAMS I systems send their reports to my system to process daily for the 026 report," Daley said.Joining the military was not an afterthought for Daley. She had her eye on the service during high school and was in the delayed entry program."I came in because I did four years of JRTC in high school. I always knew I would be in uniform. Didn't know which branch but, I did Army JRTC," she recalled. "All they were waiting on was for me to graduate. As soon as I did, May 2005, a week later I was going to basic training."Daley chose to become a 92A Logistic Specialist. Performing as a supply clerk during JRTC prepared her for her decision. Once established in the Army, she began attending Emery Riddle Aeronautical University to earn her degree in logistics.Logistics is a competitive occupation in the military. Promotions do not come quick to 92As. Even though she is a little discouraged, she does not regret entering the military."If you are not going to college, join the military. That's my philosophy because what are you going to do? The military gave me an associate's degree and a sense of discipline and structure," she said."It gives me the opportunity to see people from all walks of life, it's a melting pot. I like different cultures and getting to know them. It also put money in my pocket; gave me stability," she added.Since Daley is the subject matter expert for the supply side of maintenance, she is the one company shop office clerks and motor sergeants come to for assistance."I provide guidance and leadership to a lot of the shop office clerks," she said. "I track down stuff (like repair parts) and know how to use the system (well), I help them with whatever they need."Telego expressed his gratitude for the women in the past who broke barriers and fought for women's rights."I think it is great. If you didn't have the women's movement to fight for their rights I wouldn't have SGT Daley here," he said. "She's all around stellar performer. She's definitely an asset to this brigade.""I think it is great celebrating Women's History Month. They have come a long way over the years in the work force." Telego added.