Outstanding Redstone Arsenal Civilians recieve annual salute
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Outstanding Redstone Arsenal Civilians recieve annual salute
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"The best Army in the world needs the best possible support, and that is what Army civilians deliver every single day."

Those words from John Nerger, executive deputy to the commander of the Army Materiel Command, set the tone March 11 at the annual Redstone-Huntsville Chapter of the Association of the U.S. Army DA Civilians of the Year Awards Dinner. Redstone dignitaries, local leaders and members of AUSA gathered at the Von Braun Center North Hall to recognize Army civilians who go above and beyond in their contribution to keeping their organizations "Army Strong."

"Being an Army professional is more than a college degree, more than a training certificate, it is more than the succession of job experience," Nerger said. "It has everything to do with having an identity, responding to the same call of service that our military members respond to and being proud of a values-based culture. It is who we are and what we stand for -- not merely what we do."

James Johnson, executive director for the Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Activity for the Aviation and Missile Command, was named overall 2015 Civilian of the Year from a record 43 nominees. He was nominated by AMCOM commander Maj. Gen. Jim Richardson.

The winners from the four categories were Johnson, Management/Executive; John Andrews, Technical/Technical Management; Brandon Douglas, Professional/Technical; and Megan Gully, Supporting Staff.

The following nominees in each category were recognized during the dinner:

• Management/Executive: Johnson, Edward Siomacco and Thomas Webber.

• Technical/Technical Management: Andrews, Kendal Cunningham, Joe Davis, Arthur Forster, Lira Frye, Michael Hale, David Hargett, Brenda Hatley, Nhuchi Thi Khong, Elwood Lewis, Michael McGee, Todd Miller, Glicerio Ralleca, Renee Stroud, Brian Studer, Eric Thomas, Steve Wical and Scott Wolfson.

• Professional/Technical: Douglas, Willard Clapp, Timothy DeRamus, Kathy Gardner, Heather Hamilton, Kim Hanson, William Harrell, Roderick "Skip" Johnson, Sherry Masters, Ben Moe, Miles Owen, Janice Robinson, David Sampleton and Sonja Smith.

• Supporting Staff: Gully, Michelle Britt, Mary Judy Frank, Lindsey Lilly-Grinstead, Shelia Noel, Kevin Sanders, Suzanne Wolf and Dena Wood.