SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- An extensive playground project got underway this month across Island Palm Communities.Upon its scheduled completion at the end of the year, IPC will have a total of 75 playgrounds for its young residents to enjoy."Our team, along with playground design consultants, undertook an extensive review of more than a hundred playgrounds in our communities to assess the condition of every structure in our 1,700-acre footprint," said Tom Adams, director of property management for IPC. "Since we started our assessment, dozens of playground structures have been removed, and we've completed the design of 22 state-of-the-art playground replacements."• Helemano aheadIn the Helemano Community, two replacements already have been completed and rehabilitation on four of the community's playgrounds is in progress.As work in Helemano nears completion at the end of April, construction crews will move on to the Patriot Hamilton Community to rehabilitate existing and install new playground amenities.As playground equipment arrives and crews establish their workflow, the construction schedule for playgrounds in other IPC neighborhoods will be further defined.• More aheadNew installations and rehabilitation of playground amenities also are planned in the following communities:•Canby Community, three playground replacements and one rehabilitation.•Kalakaua Community, two playground replacements and two rehabilitations.•Kaena Community, three playground replacements and one rehabilitation.•Patriot Hamilton Community, two playground replacements and one rehabilitation.•Wheeler Community, five playground replacements and two rehabilitations.Periodic updates will be provided until the project is completed at the end of the year. Residents with any questions are encouraged to contact their community center.