FORT HUACHUCA, Arizona (March 12, 2015) -- The Network Enterprise Technology Command selected its 2014 Civilian of the Year during a ceremony in the Greely Hall Auditorium March 12.John Dolak, who works in the command's G-3/5/7 Operations Division, was selected from a pool of ten other civilians who were Civilian of the Month winners in 2014.Dolak, who was the NETCOM Civilian of the Month for December, 2014, was selected in part for his outstanding support as Team Lead for the Find & Fix/Pro-active Analysis & Quick Reaction mission and the Fort Hood network performance enhancements.Presiding over the ceremony was the NETCOM Commanding General, Maj. Gen. John Morrison Jr."The Army's Civilian workforce is like no other; it applies its intelligence and experience to the problems at hand, through sheer determination and sometimes just plain old sweat to come up with applicable solutions," said Morrison. "The mission of modernizing and protecting our Global Network Enterprise is no easy task, but each one of our Civilian nominees has made great contributions to the successful accomplishment of NETCOM's mission."The challenges we have faced in recent years have been met and conquered through not only the courage and determination of our Soldiers, but also by the dedication and professionalism of our Civilian workforce," said Morrison."Those who will be recognized today are some of the best we have at what they do," said Morrison. "They represent the best within their organizations, and are a credit to the NETCOM Headquarters Team and the U.S. Army; in short, our honorees today represent more than 6,000 Department of Civilians assigned to this great Command."The citation in Dolak's nomination package stated his attention to detail, and integrity secured the respect of his peers, senior leadership, and customers. It went on to point out that his knowledge, focus, and leadership ability were instrumental to the successful remediation of numerous network and application issues. His qualifications and demonstrated work ethic directly impacted operations worldwide, resulting in significant improvements to the warfighter.In Dolak's brief remarks, he thanked his teammates and his wife for the honor he received."This is not an individual award to me; this is a team sport," Dolak said.Daniel Bradford, NETCOM's Deputy to the Commander/Senior Technical Director/Chief Engineer, commended all the Civilians of the Month for their work and highlighted their significant role as an Army Civilian."We all instinctively know that our civilian employees are a critical part of the triad that constitutes the U.S. Army," Bradford said. "That triad consists of our Soldiers, our Civilians and our Contractors. Each group brings some valuable contributions to the defense of our Nation and our Army. No one group can stand alone; but the combination is unstoppable."During the course of our history, Civilians have stood beside our Soldiers as we've quietly gone about the Nation's business," Bradford added. "Civilians have also died for our country, for the freedoms that we all enjoy. That sense of sacrifice and dedication is uniquely American, and is a reflection of the principles, beliefs and ethos that make us who we are."Other monthly winners competing for the honor were Angelo Nikitas, February; Jose Cocoa, April; Scott Schneeweis, May; Veronica Cunningham, June; Janice Beam, July; Bruce Villere, August; Sandra Daniel, September; Stephen Gruden, October; and Debra Short, November. The January winner, Ruth Turcotte, retired and the March winner, Heather Waclawik, who left the command, were not part of the competition.