FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- The XVIII Airborne Corps is participating in a pilot program to support the Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) initiative of creating Multi-Component Unit (MCU) Headquarters. The pilot program creates vacancies within Active Component Corps and Divisions Headquarters, so Army Reserve Soldiers can serve at the corps level and increase the mission capabilities of the Total Army. The XVIII Airborne Corps MCU Headquarters is the first MCU created in the program.MCU positions allow the Army Reserve to offer Soldiers new career broadening Troop Program Unit (TPU) vacancies. It will provide professional and personal challenges for a TPU Soldier within one the Army's most coveted organizations, while presenting Soldiers opportunities to expand their military and civilian career and push their physical and mental comfort zones.Positions are currently being filled, and training with the Corps will start in late spring. Participating Soldiers will increase their knowledge, skills, and experience as a staff officer within a corps or joint task force. They will be assigned to the Headquarters, XVIII Airborne Corps staff.The Army Reserve is seeking Soldiers transitioning from the Active Army, Soldiers currently serving in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard, and prior service Soldiers ready to return to military duty for a career broadening assignment.Interested Soldiers should live within fifty (50) miles of Fort Bragg, NC. However, Soldiers living outside a 150 mile radius from Fort Bragg, NC may be entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses associated with inactive duty training periods. Additionally, all Soldiers living outside a fifty (50) mile radius from Fort Bragg, NC may be entitled to lodging-in-kind during periods of authorized military duty.Interested Soldiers should be airborne qualified or eligible to attend the Basic Airborne Course after assignment to the Headquarters, XVIII Airborne Corps. Soldiers requiring Battle Staff NCO Course or other additional specialty skills may have the opportunity to attend while assigned to the XVIII Airborne Corps.Some Soldiers may be eligible for monetary and non-monetary incentives associated with enlistment, reenlistment, or assignment to these TPU positions.There are Army Reserve TPU vacancies in the following skills: 02A5P, 25A5P, 35D5P, 90A5P, 25A5P, 35D5P, 90A5P, 91B1PH8, 91B1P, 92G1P, 11B2P, 15Q4P2S, 14G3P2S, 15P3P2S, 153AP5UG7, 12A5P, 12B4P, 25S3P2S, 11B4P2S, 13A5P, 14G2P, 14G1P, 38B4P2S, 35F1P, 35F2P, 35N3P, 35D3P, 35G4P, 35G2P, 35G1P, 35M2P, 35M1P, 35L2P, 35M2P, 35M1P, 25Q3P, 25Q1PSoldiers possessing any of these military occupational skills should apply for a position within the XVIII Airborne Corps MCU Headquarters through a Reserve Component Career Counselor, completion of a voluntary transfer request, or by contacting a local USAR recruiter.For more information contact: Officers: MAJ Susie Roberts, Army Reserve Affairs Officer, XVIII Airborne Corps, (910) 643-3640 or SGM Peter Sabo, Army Reserve Advisor Sergeant Major, XVIII Airborne Corps, (910) 396-4772 or