Living in the Netherlands and in close proximity to Belgium and Germany, Ms. Rita Hoefnagels, Community Relations Specialist for the USAG Schinnen Public Affairs Office, encourages a spirit of discovery for those living in Europe.

Now, like previous years, a special Christmas Market and Holiday events guide she compiles annually is available.

"These seasonal markets and events," says Hoefnagels, "are the best ways to see, hear, smell and taste the flavors that are distinctly European."

The guide is available at the USAG Schinnen website - just look for the icon of colored gifts. The box containing "related links" to the right should take you there.

"There are a lot of opportunities out there," says Hoefnagels, "and by posting this guide on the Internet it gives many people who may be here in Europe only one time in their life a chance to discover something special during this holiday season."

E-mail your photo of a holiday market and we'll add it to our slide show! E-mail it directly from your mobile phone or computer to

Have a safe, warm and happy holiday season!