FORT HOOD, Texas - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It energizes the body, improves concentration and thanks to the 79th Ordnance Battalion, soldiers had an opportunity to boost their minds and spirits.The chaplains office at the 79th Ordnance Battalion put these factors to good use during a prayer breakfast at the Operation Iraqi Freedom Dining Facility here on Fort Hood Feb. 19.The morning's events began with welcome remarks from 1st Lt. Michael Will, chaplain, to approximately 50 participants of multiple faiths joining in fellowship during breakfast followed by soldiers reading inspirational scriptures to the group. Spc. Antigone Lowery a supply specialist with the 752nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal was coincidentally assigned to read a scripture about trust that was very close to her heart."Chaplain Will assigned Proverbs 30:5-6 for me. It is a verse that I was well versed in, one that I've known prior to this event and one that I recited to myself throughout basic training," said Lowery. "So, I appreciate that it was a coincidence and something that was very relative to my personal beliefs."The main speaker at the breakfast was Col. Robert Whitlock, the III Corps command chaplain. The topic of Whitlock's speech was titled "Where is your trust grounded." He gave personal examples of the different ways people trust organizations, friends, family, science and their faith."Trust is a powerful thing, it has the ability to make us strong; make us happy; to make us feel secure; it can give us hope; it can motivate us to do amazing things; it can empower us and help us endure great hardship," said Whitlock. "Trust is powerful, but trust is also precious and trust is fragile. What takes weeks and months and years to create and build can be destroyed in a single bad decision."Some of the Soldiers in attendance were comforted by the sermon.Spc. Yousef Muthana, an explosive ordnance disposal specialist with the 752nd EOD, received a great lesson from the chaplain's speech."We know that we can't trust a lot of people and some we can, but our ultimate trust goes to God and whether it's hardship or not, if you put your trust in him he'll take care of you," said Muthana.Whitlock also spoke about his memories as a child and who he has trusted throughout his life."I'm 52 years old, I made a decision to be a believer when I was 6 years old, and in 46 years I have never regretted that decision. Not once has God ever let me down, not once," Whitlock concluded. "My daddy let me down, my momma let me down, friends have let me down. I've been disappointed in lots and lots of things, but I have never been let down or disappointed by my faith in God."