PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. -- The commander of the California Medical Detachment here officiated at an award presentation ceremony Feb. 20 to recognize support and contributions made by the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula to military community members.

Col. Rex Berggren spoke to an assembly of military representatives gathered from the Presidio of Monterey and Naval Postgraduate School as well as hospital staff, expressing thanks on behalf of service members and their families before presenting a special certificate of appreciation to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula president and CEO Dr. Steven Packer.

Berggren told those assembled that the partnership and excellent care provided by the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula was vital to the well-being and peace of mind of service members across the region.

"The care provided is remarkable," said Berggren. "I can never say enough good things about the facilities and people who support our service members at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula."

Berggren added, "We're fortunate to have you as a partner. The military community could not have asked for a better friend than this hospital and the staff that work here."

Speaking after Berggren, Packer expressed how proud and gratified he was to represent the hospital and its staff in support of the military in Monterey. "We are honored to serve those who serve," he said. "We have over half a century of history and tradition providing care to those in uniform and their families on the peninsula of Monterey, and we look forward to carrying on that tradition today and in the future."

Following the speeches Berggren made an official presentation of a framed certificate of appreciation adorned with nine inlaid coins representing each division of the military on the Monterey peninsula.

The inscription on the parchment above the coins reads, "For outstanding medical support of service members, military families, and civil service employees assigned to the Presidio of Monterey and Naval Post Graduate School -- Healing Heroes, Best on the Bay."

Berggren and Packer then invited military and hospital personnel to stand for group photos with the certificate to commemorate the partnership and friendship embodied in the inscription.