FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- Warrior Care Month allows us to restate our commitment to the Soldier's life, said Gen. George W. Casey Jr., chief of staff of the Army, during a Purple Heart Ceremony Nov. 17 at the Center for the Intrepid.

"Their care wouldn't be complete without a tour to BAMC. We have a responsibility to our Soldiers -- the best possible care in the world," said the general.

Casey presented Purple Hearts to wounded warriors Spc. Gregory A. Brazinsky and Spc. Robert L. Winegar Jr. in the CFI foyer with more than 30 people in attendance.

Brazinsky, a combat engineer with the 509th Engineer Company, 5th Engineer Battalion, was injured Aug. 10 in Iraq. While on a route clearance patrol, his vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device resulting in his combat injuries.

Winegar, an infantryman with Alpha Co., 2nd Bn., 16th Infantry, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, was injured March 29 in Iraq. While on a routine patrol, his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device resulting in his combat injuries.

The Purple Heart, the oldest American decoration, is awarded to members of the armed forces of the United States, who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy.

In observance of Army Service Day for Warrior Care, Casey visited with wounded warriors at BAMC and the CFI, family members and volunteer outreach organizations, to thank them for their support of warrior care.

Casey said caring for the warriors isn't just physical healing, but mental healing to put them back on their feet.

"I wanted to thank the people who are most responsible for Warrior Care," he said, recognizing the BAMC staff, volunteers and family members who continuously support the Soldiers seated in the audience.

The visit coincides with the observance of Army Service Day for Warrior Care which focuses on one of the Department of Defense's highest priorities - caring for wounded, ill and injured warriors. The November month-long observance also educates and increases awareness of the DOD Warrior Care programs and resources.

Casey's day at BAMC began with a town hall meeting in the hospital's fourth floor auditorium. He then visited with wounded warriors in the Institute for Surgical Research burn unit and CFI. Additionally, Casey met with volunteer outreach organizations and concluded the day with the Purple Heart Ceremony, followed by a mini press conference with the local media.