CONTINGENCY OPERATI NG BASE ADDER, Iraq. An Explosives Ordinance Disposal Team, assigned to the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division traveled to Combat Outpost Six to train the newly-formed 10th Iraqi Army EOD team Nov 7.

The Iraqis have relied primarily on the Coalition forces to provide ordnance disposal over the past five years. Iraq is now building its own EOD units in each of the provinces, with assistance from the 4th BCT, to ensure the units are trained and equipped to handle such dangerous missions.

"This is another step for the Iraqi Security Forces in Muthana," said Capt. Michael Flynn, commander of Company D., 2nd Battalion, 12th Cav. Regiment and a native of Cleveland. "It makes them more self-sufficient and encourages them to take on greater responsibility and tougher missions, without Coalition support."

The training started with classroom instruction, then elevated to hands-on practical exercises and culminated with a live detonation of TNT previously confiscated during a cache find.

The event provided another step on the road to a trained, professional Iraqi security force able to carry out stability operations in southern Iraq.