The Department of the Army announced today, Nov. 17, the re-stationing of 1-2 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB) and associated Aviation Intermediate Maintenance (AVIM) structure from the Republic of Korea to Fort Carson, Colo., in March 2009. This restationing will allow the Apache helicopter battalion to conduct necessary training and equipping prior to deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Fall of 2009. US Army aviation assets are critical to Coalition forces in Iraq and protect and support troops currently in contact with the enemy. The total number of equipment and military personnel associated with this realignment is 24 Apache helicopters and approximately 500 Soldiers.

The Army's plan to restation 1-2 ARB at Ft. Carson in March 2009 is both operationally and family focused. It will allow the unit to stabilize its Soldiers and Family Members, preset organizational equipment, and provide an opportunity to properly train prior to its operational deployment in the fall 2009. The relocation of the unit to Ft. Carson will also allow geographically dispersed Family members to consolidate prior to the unit's operational deployment. The Army will keep service members, civilian employees, Families, and the ROK government informed during every step of the process.

The helicopter battalion will remain home stationed in Ft. Carson through the duration of the unit's rotations for OIF/OEF.

The U.S. Army remains committed to support USFK in the defense of the Republic of Korea.
Point of contact for this notification is Lt. Col Lee M. Packnett, 703-614-2487, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs.